Vamos repetir isto? Porque não!

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Viriato de Viseu disse...

Não vejo o vosso endereço do blogue e queria fazer-vos um convite.
dêem um toque para:


António Pista disse...

Para nós foi complicado, mas vejam a opinião dos ingleses ao sorteio:


This is actually a much harder draw than the mancs in the Champs Lge.

Worst possible draw, fucking typical.

I'm happy with the draw - not because benfica are easy but because of the opposite - because they are hard.

damn that is a very very difficult draw

If we beat benfica we will win the Uefa cup simples

in my opinion the worst possible draw. Benfica's attacking football is insane!! They're fantastic but i do think we will eliminate them

This is the best possible draw. If we win the Uefa Cup, we want to have earned it by getting through some tough teams, not to have it given to us by rolling over third-rate Slovak teams. Looking forward to it.

We are dreadful against poor teams. Much more chance that we will play well against good teams like Benfica.

I think they have the best budget attacking line up in Europe!
They took a small risk with Saviola and Aimar and they are getting there rewards. Angel di Maria is the type of player we need in our ranks, and cardoza has been scoring for fun!
They even sent young Kerrison packing because he couldn't get a game!

Would have preferred the Germans, this Benfica side ain't no easy task, they have a bulldozer of a forward in Cardozo and brilliant winger in Di Maria as well as quality all across the park. Their Portuguese league form is an easy gauge of how good they are in comparison to Sporting, who also spunked Everton

Funny how our route to the final in a 'lesser' competition is harder than United's.

will be harder than everyone thinks, they're playing well this season.
23 games, 1 loss, scored 60 conceded 12.

Good chance to see what this Angel Di Maria lad is all about.

Gisela Baptista disse...

Eu tb acredito e espero que os ingleses venham todos convencidos que o Benfica é só Di Maria que é para levaram com os outros todos!!
Carrega Benfica
Saudações gloriosas :D

Bimbosfera disse...

Boas! Vim fazer uma visita, vejo o meu conterrâneo Viriato, vejo um homónimo (parente?? ehhehe!) e estou então a seguir-vos!

Sou Benfiquista e pena é o tempo para ver tanto e tão bom blog Benfiquista!

Convido a passarem no meu blog também!


Márcio Guerra, aliás, Bimbosfera

P.s.- E sobre o post, claro, todos esperamos que isso se repita, mas sinceramente, seja como for, não me importo de passar, nem que seja 0-0 cá, 1-1 lá, e já me chega! Desde que passemos... Abraço!

Suspiros Intensos disse...

Fantástico espaço. Viva o Benfica. Dois zero ao braga........